Strikes in France – a French story and an English translation

Strikes in France - a French story and an English translation
March 10, 2023

Observe your French strike vocabulary with this free French story with English translation of disguise and reveal concerning the 2018 transport strikes in France.

Now, let’s examine using the vocabulary of the French hit within the story.

This bilingual story was written on November 12, 2018 by French immersion trainer and host Chantal, who lives in Picardy, close to Paris.

The strikes in France

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Les grèves recommencent in France! Eh oui, chaque année nous devons affronter plusieurs grèves mais celle-ci va être longue!!

Strikes have begun once more in France! Sure, yearly we have now to face a number of strikes however this one shall be lengthy!

Pourquoi y at-il des grèves en ce a second?

Why are there strikes now (November 2018)?

C’est parce que le gouvernement Macron is an efficient modifier who chooses some SCNF mais les syndicats et les Employés ne sont pas d’accord.

It’s as a result of the federal government needs to alter some issues within the SNCF however the unions and staff don’t agree.

2 – Repair 2018

Query about altering the system?

What does the federal government need to change?

The primary level of the reforme veut modifier le statut des «cheminos». Les cheminots sont les personnes qui travaillent pour la SNCF (les conducteurs, les contôleurs and so forth…). Le standing des cheminos a été créé au temps des premières locomotives à charbon. Leur travail était très pénible à ce moment-là. C’est pour ça que les cheminos peuvent partir beaucoup plus tôt à la retraite (Entre 50 et 52 ans pour les Conducteurs et 57 pour les autres Employés). You are able to do troublesome work along with the issue of finishing up necessary work along with lengthy journey operations.

The primary level within the reform you need to change the standing of “cheminot”. The “cheminots” are the individuals who work for the SNCF (practice conductors, controllers, and so forth…). The situation of the practice employees was created on the time of the primary coal locomotives. Their work was very troublesome at the moment. That’s the reason “cheminots” can retire a lot earlier (between 50 and 52 years for conductors and 57 for different staff). However the authorities says it isn’t as onerous work anymore and they need to work longer.

Bien-sûr, les Employés que c’est toujours un travail Troublesome to search out artistic endeavors to your parfois, and people for weekend enterprise and function.

The workers in fact assume it’s nonetheless a ache job as a result of in some unspecified time in the future they should work away from dwelling and since for a few of them in addition they should work weekends and nights.

Le deuxième level de la réforme veut intoduire des capitaux privés on la SCNF, automotive le fonctionnement de la SCNF coûte très cher à l’Etat.

The second level of reform is to introduce some personal capital into the SNCF, as a result of the operation of the SNCF prices an excessive amount of.

Personnel with the car shall not intrude with the functioning of the ultimate act of capabilities and issues referring to the guarantee in addition to the general public service assure. L’idee de Service Publique is essential in France. Les gens pensent que l’Etat est le meilleur garant des choses essentielles comme l’hôpital, les transports, l’école and so forth.

The workers oppose it as a result of it could be the tip of their employment standing and there can be no safety for the general public service. The concept of ​​”Service Publique” is essential in France. Folks imagine that the federal government is the perfect guarantor of basic items like hospital, transportation, faculty, and so forth.

Associations don’t take care of the difficulties individuals face of their lives.

Negotiation may be very troublesome as a result of nobody needs to surrender!

Mais il faut positiver!

However we have now to be optimistic!

Donc entre-temps, les Français s’organisent. Ils current along with souvent le bus et font aussi plus de co-voiturage. Peut-être que cela encouraging enterprise on the presenter in addition to dial! See Seret Payne!

In between, the French are organized. Extra usually they take the bus and do extra carpooling. Additionally, this may occasionally encourage firms to supply extra distant work! It could be nice!

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