French strike vocabulary

French strike vocabulary
March 10, 2023

France is thought for its many hits. However what’s the French vocabulary for strike?

This French strike vocabulary could come in useful when listening to French radio, or studying information about strikes in France.

On this article, you will see a listing of French-English strike vocabulary, in addition to helpful details about strikes in France.

52 Phrases of the French Strike

  1. Une grève – a strike – Oddly sufficient, it is also a flowery phrase for a seaside (often, we are saying “une plage” – a seaside in French)
  2. Lee Greaves – Strikes
  3. Une grève générale – A strike adopted by most unions over the identical claims
  4. Une grève shock – Strikers are supposed to provide discover earlier than they strike in France. This isn’t all the time the case.
  5. Une grève sauvage – strike organized by staff with out unions
  6. Faire la grève – to be on strike
  7. Être en grève – to be on strike
  8. Un / une gréviste – an individual on strike (observe the French accent change on the ‘e’)
  9. Un piquet de grève – An individual who takes a stand and prevents entry to a office / tries to forestall a piece course of
  10. Le droit de grève – the proper to strike
  11. Un préavis de grève – discover of strike (French public sector unions should give 5 days’ discover earlier than the strike)

Strikes in France – Commerce unions

  1. Un syndicat – union
  2. un élu syndical, un élu syndical – consultant of the guild
  3. Un délégué – delegate
  4. Une motion sociale – Solidarity measures
  5. Social Dialogue – Social Dialogue
  6. Résoudre un conflit – to resolve a battle

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Extra particulars and audio samples

French protest vocabulary

  1. Une demonstration – demonstration, protest march
  2. Une manif – pronounce the phrase f – colloquial for “manifestation”
  3. Un manifestant, une manifestante – an individual strolling in protest
  4. Un défilé, un cortège – an organized outing
  5. Une opération escargot – A French expression that describes a kind of protest when vans block highways by driving on all lanes very slowly.

French strike police names

  1. Les CRS – “Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité” – police specializing in crowd management
  2. “CRS – SS” – a really well-known slogan typically heard throughout demonstrations and strikes in France, evaluating the CRS to the Nazi SS…
  3. Les Power de Lourdre – The Police
  4. La police – the police
  5. Un constable, une policeière – a police officer
  6. Un casseur – slang – somebody in search of hassle in a riot, actually “cassereur”
  7. Sequester – to be held captive
  8. Prendre en otage – to take hostage

How do you say staff and employers in French?

  1. Un travailleur, une travailleuse – employee
  2. Un ouvrier / une ouvrière – blue-collar employee
  3. Un Employé / une Employée – white-collar employee
  4. Un Emploi – job
  5. Un boulot – job (colloquial)
  6. Travailler – to work
  7. buser – to work (colloquial)
  8. Un Patron – boss (typically utilized in factories)
  9. Un boss – A boss (sure, the French typically use the English phrase)
  10. Employer – job supplier, boss

Understanding the claims of the French strikes

  1. Un salaire – wage
  2. Une indémnité, une indémnisation – compensation
  3. Les avantages sociaux – the advantages
  4. Working situations – working setting / situations
  5. No Retreat – Retire
  6. Auxiliary workers – time beyond regulation
  7. Les Congés payés – paid go away
  8. Une revendiation – request, demand
  9. La précarité de l’emploi – job insecurity
  10. UN License – Layoffs
  11. No worker stress – cut back the variety of staff
  12. Le chomage – unemployment

Now that you already know the vocabulary of a significant French strike, you’ll be able to get pleasure from this bilingual French story written by French immersion trainer and host Chantal about transport strikes in France.

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