100 French Christmas Terms | Free lesson with audio

100 French Christmas Terms |  Free lesson with audio
February 3, 2023

100 French Christmas Phrases and Expressions – All French Christmas Vocabulary and French Christmas Phrases, Decorations, Meals + Audio Recordings. Joyox Noel!

It is Christmas time! Let’s examine lists of French Christmas phrases that will help you want Merry Christmas in French to your French pals and focus on your individual Christmas traditions!

This free French lesson – like many on the French Right this moment weblog – incorporates audio recordings. Click on on the hyperlink subsequent to Headphones to listen to the French pronunciation.

How do you say Christmas in French?

The French translation for Christmas is Noel. Noël is masculine in French, however we often use it with none article.

Do you know that Noel was additionally a well-liked French title?

Noël for boy, is spelled Noëlle (or Noelle) for lady and they’re pronounced the identical.

Listed here are the helpful French Christmas phrases:

  1. Noel (correct noun, so it’s often used with out an article, regardless that it’s masculine) = Christmas
  2. La Ville de Noel – Christmas Eve (do not get it fallacious with ‘veil’: Eve, only one ‘i’, with ‘vieille’: female adjective for elder, two ‘i’)
  3. Le Jour de Noel Christmas day
  4. Passer Noël en family To spend Christmas with your loved ones
  5. Le vingt-cinq decembre – December twenty fifth (Here is my article on learn how to pronounce the date in French)
  6. Le vingt-quatre decembre – December 24 – Learn my article on when the French have fun Christmas
  7. Joyox Noel – Merry Christmas
  8. Joyous fêtes de fin d’année – comfortable trip
  9. Envoyer ses voeux de Noël – To ship birthday needs

To search out out 10 methods to say comfortable birthday in French, I invite you to observe the hyperlink to a different article I wrote with audio.

French Christmas vocabulary

Let’s have a look at some normal French Christmas vocabulary:

  1. Le Revillon de Noel Birthday meal and occasion
  2. S’embrasser sous le gui – to kiss underneath the mistletoe
  3. La Maison Decor – to embellish the home
  4. Faire des cadeaux Giving presents
  5. Ouvrir des cadeaux Open presents
  6. Je vous souhaite un joyeux Noël et d’excellentes fêtes de fin d’année – I want you a Merry Christmas and a very good vacation

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Extra particulars and audio samples

How do you say Christmas decorations in French?

We do not actually have a single phrase to explain Christmas decorations: we will say “les décorations de Noël.”

  1. Un sapin de Noël – Christmas tree (be aware we do not use “un arbre” however “un sapin” which is “fir tree”)
  2. Une boule – ornament (within the type of a ball)
  3. A Noël decoration – Eid decorations
  4. Une Guirlande – Crown
  5. Unetoile – star
  6. Une guirlande electrique / une guirlande lumineuse A string of lights
  7. Une Coron – Crown
  8. Un bas, une chaussette – sock
  9. Le Per Noel – Santa
  10. Un sucre d’orge Sweet sticks
  11. A bonhomme de neige – the snowman
  12. United Nations Kadu – Free present
  13. en rin – Reindeer
  14. De la nige artificielle Pretend snow
  15. Un pochoir – stencil
  16. Un autocollant – connected
  17. Du Gui (pronounced G + ee) – mistletoe
  18. Du is – Holly
  19. One pomme de pin – pinecone
  20. Branches de Sapins – fir branches

Here is a video I did in 2019 about Christmas in France. Get pleasure from!

What does “La Crèche” imply in French?

Une nursery– a manger in English – options many small statues, additionally known as “santons” in Provence, which signify the townspeople gathering across the secure for the beginning of the child Jesus.

The first characters in “la crèche” are Mary, Joseph, the child Jesus, often a donkey and an ox, and generally the Three Kings.

  1. Une nursery – manger (residence)
  2. One mangeoire Manger (the place animals eat)
  3. en santon – Typical French clay figurine made in Provence
  4. La Virge Marie – Virgin Mary
  5. Joseph
  6. Le Petit Jesus – Pricey Jesus – Right here is my article on expressions utilizing Jesus in French
  7. Un ane – donkey
  8. A boeuf – a bull (be aware that within the manger shouldn’t be a cow, however a male bull)
  9. United nations – Angel
  10. Les Royce Magis – The Three Kings – We now have a particular French king cake known as La Galette des Rois
  11. Litual – the star
  12. A burger – Shepherd
  13. Un Mouton – Lamb
  14. Not miraculous – Miracle

Would you prefer to know extra about Christmas traditions in France? I invite you to observe the hyperlink to my article.

French Christmas vocabulary and Christmas traditions in France

Extra about Christmas in French

  1. duet – God – Right here is my article on the expressions of God in French
  2. Prior – to hope
  3. One price – Prayer – Right here is my recording of Mary’s welcome in French
  4. La Miss de Noel – Christmas Mass – Right here is my recording of the French Catholic Mass

What about Santa in French?

Do you know that France has its personal French Santa? It’s Saint Nicholas who’s the origin of the legend of Santa Claus.

  1. Le Per Noel – Santa
  2. Le Père Voitard – Father Flug
  3. Saint Nicholas – Saint Nick
  4. un traineau – sleigh
  5. en rin – Reindeer
  6. Un dwarf – dwarf
  7. Un cadeau, des cadeaux – present(s)
  8. A chemical – chimney – additionally a range, hearth
  9. Descend in the cheminée – Go down the range
  10. Écrire une letter au Père-Noël – To jot down a letter to Santa
  11. The list of gentle children – Listing of excellent youngsters

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33 Scrumptious French Christmas Meals

In fact, no Christmas can be full with out a French delicacy! We now have numerous particular Christmas delicacies in France. I invite you to observe the hyperlink to the article I wrote about French Christmas meals.

  1. Le Revillon de Noel French Christmas meal (to not be confused with:
  2. Le Revillon de Nouvelle Anne(- the title of the French meal on New 12 months’s Eve)
  3. Lou Danner de Noel – Christmas dinner
  4. The designer of Noël Christmas lunch
  5. Fire On Vista – Feast
  6. se regaler – To blow up in cooking
  7. Fair la cuisine – to cook dinner
  8. Preparer un repas fait maison – To cook dinner a house meal
  9. labretiv Earlier than consuming meals and drinks
  10. L’entrée – First course (appetizers)
  11. Director Le Platt – the Maine plate
  12. Le Frouge Cheese (I do not assume we’ve Christmas cheese in France)
  13. Les Tracy sweets – 13 desserts – a Christmas custom from Provence
  14. La Bûche de Noël – Christmas birthday cake
  15. Metre une belle table – To set a pleasant desk
  16. a center of the table. United Nations Center for the table Centerpiece ornament
  17. Des bogges – candles
  18. napkin plier To fold the napkins
  19. des canapés d’apéritif – toast appetizers
  20. Du saumon fume artisanal Manufacturing of smoked salmon on a small scale
  21. Des Hutter – oyster
  22. du foie gras (frais, poêlé ou en pâté) – foie gras (contemporary, fried or served as a pâté)
  23. Don’t volley – chicken
  24. Le Jiber Bushmeat
  25. Un rôti – Grilled
  26. A farce aux marrons – chestnut stuffing – Word: in French there’s a confusion between “un marron” – an inedible horse chestnut, and “une châtaigne” which is a chestnut that’s as candy as it’s edible. We frequently use the phrase “marron” when it’s the phrase “châtaigne” that’s used (for meals).
  27. Un jambon fume au feu de bois Wooden-smoked ham
  28. Un jus de viande Meat broth
  29. Des Pridell – typical Alsatian desserts baked at Christmas time
  30. Des Travis chocolate or chocolate – chocolate truffles
  31. De Marrons Glacis – candied chestnut
  32. Chaos de Maron Roasted chestnuts
  33. Do vin shud – spiced wine

For the vacations, Olivier and I recorded practical French Christmas dialogue to introduce you to each French traditions and the precise vocabulary utilized in France across the Christmas and vacation interval. Nice for practising your French!

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Joyeux Noël, et Bonne année!

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